AVEVA's Steel Fabrication World

Commercial, Detailed Design and Management

Customer: Sub Contract Manager for Main Contractor / OO / EPC

“I appoint a fabricator to carry out structural detailing and fabrication. I previously had some really bad experiences with fabricators whose technology and workflows just weren't up to the job.”

I need a fabricator who:

  • Has a reputation for quality service, on-time delivery, reliability and competitive prices
  • Has invested in high quality BIM-compliant and open technology to ensure a smooth and collaborative workflow throughout the supply chain
  • Can manage large and complex projects and efficiently manage the many changes involved

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Provides full design freedom to create the most amazing and complex structures
  • Has a proven track record of turning sophisticated designs into accurate production data
  • Offers clear and trustworthy real-time visibility of project status
  • Manages changes super-efficiently and with minimum disruption to the schedule
  • Shortens our schedules, saves man-hours in design and construction, minimises material costs and helps ensure steel is delivered on time
  • Enables round-tripping of accurate, high-quality data
  • Supports effective, timely decision making

Customer: Architects, Designers and Structural Analysis Engineers

“We create innovative structures and are responsible for their structural integrity. We built our reputation on creating ground-breaking new design concepts. We don't need to be held back by any software limitations.”

We need to:

  • Create world-class architecture for our clients
  • Seamlessly collaborate and share model information with other stakeholders using BIM-compliant and open software
  • Quickly examine critical design features
  • Spot potential problems early and easily
  • Feel certain our designs can be accurately and economically fabricated and constructed

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Takes the limits off our creativity
  • Lets us freely navigate, review and present the 3D model
  • Makes it easy to share the 3D model with designers and structural analysts
  • Links with our architectural and plant design system so we can clash-check against piping, HVAC and other equipment, so we avoid costly rework and construction delays
  • Gives us reliable status updates from the fabricator, so we can analyse the impact of any contract variations
  • Offers easy visibility of where items are located - both in production and on-site

Customer: Owner, MD or GM of a steel fabrication company

“I built up this business by making good decisions and delivering on my promises. But it's a tough market. Margins and delivery schedules are getting tighter. Thanks to AVEVA's software, we are more efficient and can compete profitably on capability, delivery and price.”

I need to:

  • Run a profitable business by keeping my customers happy
  • Win new business to ensure my company continues to grow
  • Ensure the shop is always busy and productive
  • Always have visibility of what's going on with all our individual contracts
  • Make smart operational investments

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Helps streamline our processes from proposal to construction
  • Reduces downtime and helps us maintain error-free production and construction, even on challenging projects
  • Enables us to confidently take on all types of projects in all industries
  • Integrates well with my other industry software and equipment
  • Keeps me appraised of activities in my shop with a high-level graphical company-wide dashboard
  • Helps me maximise my capacity, shorten schedules, reduce labour and material costs and ensures we deliver on time and on budget
  • Was quick to implement and easy to learn, giving me a rapid return on my investment
  • Helped my company provide a quality service, maintain a competitive edge and secure more business

Customer: Estimator

“I produce estimates and proposals for potential work. If I get it wrong, this can mean we either don't win the bid or we lose money. AVEVA's solution not only makes us more competitive, but gives me total confidence my estimates are correct.”

I need to:

  • Quickly generate accurate, competitive estimates
  • Feel confident that each new tender will be profitable
  • Establish standards that help automate our estimating processes
  • Enjoy the flexibility to quickly import a model, or manually take-off material with accurate extensions
  • Make easy adjustments for bottom-line control

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Produces quick layout models; or lets me easily import a layout model from another design & detailing solution
  • Helps me generate accurate model-based estimates that are more competitive
  • Lets us reuse the estimating model once we win a tender - a huge time-saver on large projects
  • Automatically calculates paint and freight costs, plus all necessary labour and material extensions, down to a very detailed level
  • Makes it easy for me to make adjustments to derive a final project selling price
  • Ensures each categorical cost summary takes into account all hard costs, offers an acceptable profit, and meets the specific business needs of my company

Customer: Drawing Office Manager / Technical Manager

“I manage a team of detailers. It's our job to deliver right-first-time production deliverables, construction drawings and BOMS. It's a complex job, with multiple projects and continual changes. AVEVA's software gives us the tools to handle these effectively.”

I need to:

  • To constantly monitor our work so that programme dates and the clients' needs are met
  • To ensure all project deliverables, drawings and documents are managed and compliant to company, customer and project standards
  • To liaise with clients and other stakeholders to manage RFIs and TQs transmittals and get fabrication drawings approved and released to the shop
  • To ensure the shop always has the most current drawing revision
  • To easily identify what has changed in revisions and which assemblies, parts or materials are affected
  • To send all required fabrication data and documents to our fabrication information management system

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Enables me to send model data to many different design systems, enabling us to catch as many errors as possible early
  • Can model anything - so I can confidently take complex projects with tight schedules
  • Lets me create pristine drawings that need very little editing time and which my shop loves working from
  • Helps me stay on top of drawings' status and history
  • Has an integrated transmittal system that keeps approvals on track
  • Provides automatic discrepancy notifications when revisions require assembly, part or material changes, and alerts me to what is affected (e.g. BOMs, POs or fabrication releases)

Customer: Detailer and Checker

“We turn design concepts into detailed design models for efficient manufacture and construction. Architects are always trying to outdo each other in design sophistication. Without AVEVA's software we simply wouldn't be able to turn their visions into reality.

I need to:

  • Translate complex and sophisticated geometry in detailed 3D models, 2D fabrication and construction deliverables
  • Feel certain my software won't let me down in the middle of a job by failing to handle a design problem
  • Verify that our production deliverables meet client, regulatory, industry and manufacturability requirements

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Lets me create detailed designs, instead of working within the limitations of my software
  • Links 2D views to the 3D model; some tasks are easier in 2D but they always automatically update the 3D model
  • Has a macro language that lets me automate a lot of repetitive design work
  • Streamlines the time-consuming generation of transmittals, RFIs and change orders; and quickly identifies overdue responses so I don't miss my deadlines
  • Helps our detailers to create compliant designs as they work
  • Automatically creates accurate, compliant deliverables with the necessary detailed information
  • Enables me to import models from other software tools so I can clash check them against the entire project

Customer: Project Manager

“I am responsible for delivering a profitable, high-quality project on time, and for managing external suppliers and subcontractors. It's down to me to juggle resources and priorities, and to make decisions. With AVEVA, I have the tools to help me make the right decisions - and I can feel confident that my team can execute the project plan.”

I need to:

  • Create realistic project plans that our team can meet
  • Accurately monitor progress against the project plan
  • Document and substantiate contract variations
  • Effectively communicate project status to the client and other stakeholders

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Gives me confidence I can deliver great projects
  • Provides me with reliable forecasts from the Design Manager, Production Manager and Shipping Manager
  • Equips me to respond quickly and effectively to requests for contract variations
  • Minimises on-site rework
  • Supports just-in-time delivery because I can plan and create manageable groups of work for purchasing and production
  • Makes it easy to manage changes, document their impact and estimate their value
  • Provides instant, real-time access to material, production and shipping statuses; and to key project schedule milestones
  • Helps me track the multitude of RFIs associated with each project

Customer: Purchasing Agent

“I buy all the required materials for my company's projects. If I don't order the right materials in the right quantities and at the right price, for delivery at the right time, the impact on the project can be serious.”

I need to:

  • Purchase materials for projects as early as possible and within budget
  • Purchase based on optimal material usage
  • Use stock material on every job as much as I can
  • Keep track of what's been purchased and remains to be purchased
  • Meet deadlines and stay ahead of production
  • Quickly identify material changes that require additional purchases

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Lets me use an advanced Bill of Material to order early from the mill - saving me money and reserving my delivery schedule
  • Calculates the optimal linear, square foot, cut-to-size, per-each and standard parts nesting solutions
  • Nests parts into available and/or purchasable material
  • Rapidly imports nested solutions onto a purchase order
  • Tracks the value of what's been purchased and issued
  • Alerts me when revisions affect material
  • Enables me to manage multiple projects and suppliers, spanning hundreds of parts, without losing control and making mistakes
  • Makes sure I won't forget material or over-order
  • Gives me confidence that our shop will have the required material available when needed

Customer: Production Manager / Workshop Foreman

“I plan and control the fabrication processes. Since we got AVEVA software we now work from very accurate production data and pristine fabrication drawings -- this has reduced costly errors and our downtime massively.”

I need to:

  • Give my team production-friendly designs
  • Have access to reliable CNC data
  • Accurately plan factory loading
  • Meet my Project Managers' deadlines
  • Make best use of my people and equipment
  • Avoid wasting time or materials

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Produces detailed, shop-ready deliverables
  • Includes CNC data that's optimised for my machines
  • Lets my Production Engineer validate fabrication data - boosting production efficiency
  • Helps me plan and manage multiple project schedules
  • Keeps my production and site deliveries on track
  • Automatically routes material to the appropriate work areas and delivers the associated CNC data at the right time, based on my production plan
  • Makes it easy to see what's left to do on all my projects, sequences, tasks or work areas
  • Gives me instant visibility of who did what and how long it took them

Customer: Receiving / Shipping Manager

“It's my job to receive the material and plan the logistics of our fabricated items to site safely, on time and properly documented. My AVEVA software keeps me in control of these complex jobs.”

I need to:

  • Load assemblies for transport, as planned
  • Document which assemblies were loaded and which (if any) were not
  • Maximise trailer capacity usage to minimise costs
  • Provide the necessary documents for each load
  • Track what was shipped, when, and to where (e.g. to subcontractors or a job site)

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Makes it easy to receive material for multiple projects from a single vendor
  • Gives me immediate material availability updates in my stock system and nesting engines
  • Lets me manage and view all due-in/overdue items from a single window, and sort results by PO or by vendor
  • Provides a real-time summary of weight capacity, both loaded and available by load, during loading
  • Enables me to ship items to subcontractors (e.g. a galvanizer or fire-proofer), track my items at these locations and then easily add them to a job-site load
  • Lets me quickly print bills of lading and all associated test documents for a load

Customer: CNC Machine Operator / Plater Welder

“I run a machine that cuts or forms steel parts. Our new AVEVA system produces the best CNC data I've ever worked with! The fabrication drawings are very easy to read and contain all the required information for us to manufacturer the steel parts very quickly.”

I need to:

  • Load the right material at the right time based on the production plan
  • Set up my machine's CAD/CAM software with the right parts and quantities to be produced
  • Easily respond to any changes in the production plan
  • Track what tasks on which parts were completed when

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Produces extremely accurate NC files that reduce downtime and help me maintain continuous production
  • Lets me make minor edits without going back to the drawing office - because I can easily modify items myself on the spot
  • Delivers a nested cutting plan to the machine manufacturers' servers/controllers
  • Creates a production plan, routing information and CNC data with accurate quantities for the bar and batch
  • Updates bar cut status and part status automatically from the CNC machine
  • Records production progress in real time as assemblies are completed and scanned at each work area waypoint through the shop
  • Captures the date and time, employee and the of each assembly

Customer: Site Manager / Steelwork Erector

“My team assembles the finished fabrications at the construction site. I can always tell when the fabricator uses AVEVA software, because we get outstanding quality drawings, on-time deliveries, and little or no construction rework.”

I need to:

  • Have fabrications delivered to the job-site on time, based on the erection plan
  • Avoid wasting time tracking down missing assemblies
  • Receive accurate fabrications that bolt upright first time and don't clash with other items
  • Avoid delays caused by on-site rework
  • Gain and keep the trust of the General Contractor

AVEVA's Fabrication Solution helps me work better because it:

  • Gives me accurate fabrication, part marking and excellent installation plans - so it's easy to erect any kind of structure
  • Lets me fully visualise an entire project model on my tablet
  • Means I can count on my fabricators to consistently deliver exactly what's needed, on time, based on the erection plan
  • Gives me confidence that what the bill of lading says was delivered was actually delivered to the job site
  • Means I can trust that the steel will require no - or very little - rework
  • Helps me stay on schedule, avoid downtime and keep the trust and confidence of the General Contractor